Have a question that needs answering? Need some help with posting a book? Need someone to talk to about the Grey’s Anatomy season finale? We’re here to help. Our support team knows Paperback from cover to cover, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What types of devices does Paperback work on?

Because we're super nice and totally aren't fanboys of a particular brand, we've made Paperback available for both Apple and Android devices. And no matter which device you're using, you get the exact same features and functionality. So no more squabbling you two!

Do I have to pay to buy books on Paperback?

The only costs associated with buying books on Paperback is the service fee on the savings account that you'll have to open so that you have a place to put all the money you've saved by using Paperback. Other than that, you can buy as many books as you want for free.

What's an ISBN?

ISBN does not stand for, as some people think, Infinite Salsa and Bowl of Nachos. It actually stands for International Standard Book Number. Certainly less delicious than the previous suggestion, this 10 or 13 digit number, found above your barcode, is definitely the slickest way of finding a book's information.

What happens if I scan my book and it doesn't show up?

The main thing is that you don't panic and and start going all Jack Bauer on us. You also have the option of manually importing your book's information (title, edition, price, etc.). It's not quite as flashy as using the scanner, but it'll still do the trick.

How much is my book worth?

Like selling your organs on the black market, your used textbook is in high demand and can fetch you a pretty penny. But, like any good liver or kidney, its worth depends a lot on its age and condition. However, a general rule of thumb is about 60% of the original value.

I still have questions. Now what?

So, you figured your question was probably asked frequently enough to make it to the FAQ section but it wasn't there. Well, you can give up entirely, drop out of university, and become a latex salesman. Or you can keep scrolling and fill out one of our forms. Your call.

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