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Layered like an onion. Simple like an ogre.

When you think of dynamic duos, who comes to mind? Batman and Robin? Peanut Butter and Jelly? Basic girls and Starbucks? Well, get ready to add a new partnership to this list.

After realizing that buying and selling used textbooks was far from an ideal process, Brandon Baird, a graduate of MUN’s business program, got the ball rolling on an idea that would make the process a whole lot slicker. He decided to team up with the digital marketing agency JAC to produce an app that would make searching and posting books super simple.

So, join Brandon and JAC on this journey that’s nothing short of being as glorious as Frodo and Samwise’s. Except instead of a magical ring, you get a super sweet app that’ll save you a ton of money and not morally corrupt you.

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