The Gift that Keeps On Giving: Free Paperback Postings

So, you’ve signed up for Paperback, or are thinking about it, and you’re curious about how you can get the free posting that you’ve heard so much about. Perfectly natural. We all love bonuses, after all: just remember how excited you used to get when there’d be an extra piece of meat or cheese in your Lunchables Stackers. That was pretty much the best day ever. Well, with Paperback, you can get a free posting when you refer a friend, which is arguably better than a disc of processed cheese.

So, if you haven’t already registered for Paperback, the first step is to do that. I’ll wait… Oh, did you forget your password? Try the name of your first pet… That was it? Great. Okay. So now that you’ve registered, the next step is to take your referral link and send it out to some friends and hope one of them is smart enough to take advantage. Once they sign up, your account will be credited with a free posting and you can enjoy a listing on the house. Lucky you!

To get started with Paperback you can click here. And to join our mailing list, you can go here. Our mailing list will keep you up to date with all the exciting things happening at Paperback. And we promise not to flood your inbox with emails: that’s what LinkedIn is for.

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