The East Coast is the Cheap Coast, It Seems

While the cost of textbooks continues to climb like the yodelling hiker from The Price is Right, the overall cost of university in Newfoundland has been the lowest in the country for over a decade. This is due to an affordability program that froze tuition fees back in 2003/4. So, while Paperback is doing its darndest to help you save money on your textbooks, keep in mind that all you fellers and gals that are getting educated in Newfoundland are paying the least of anyone across Canada. Thanks MUN!

Let’s quickly look at some numbers. Students in Newfoundland pay on average just over $2600 per school year on tuition. Compare that with students in Ontario who are paying just over $7500 per school year. Over the course of a 4 year degree, that’s a cost savings of almost $20,000! And while these numbers don’t reflect the entire cost scenario for university degrees, it is a glimpse into the difference between some baseline figures.

So, while we may look to cut corners on the cost of textbooks, and rightfully so, let’s also keep in mind how lucky we are to be getting a great education, in a great place, for a great price.

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