The 5 People You Meet During Your 1st Year

Universities are full of all sorts of colourful characters. Campuses become a melting pot for the weird and the wonderful. Throw in the oftentimes unmanageable freedom of living away from home for the first time, and you’ve got yourself a charming cocktail of co-eds clamouring for credits.

Check out our list below and see how many characters you can recognize.

  1. You’re in a lecture hall, not clippin’ across the harbour on your Enticer. You can take off your FXR jacket for the next hour. The lights keep reflecting off the logo and shining in my eyes.

  2. Don’t be mad because someone else stole your outfit. You’re wearing a North Face jacket, UGGS, and leggings. That’s no longer an outfit: that’s a uniform.

  3. I’m sure your pyjamas are super comfortable, and you’re really nailing the “I just got out of bed” look, but perhaps you could be a little less literal with it. Especially you, gentlemen: no one wants to look at your thinly-veiled flesh pendulum.
  4. I get that you’re slamming Black Horse like there’s going to be a moratorium on it, but if you could refrain from loudly bragging about your dad’s jacked-up side-by-side, that’d be much appreciated, Kyle!
  5. Sure, we all get a little peckish during class, but trying to eat a bag of chips in a quiet lecture hall might not be the best bet. Maybe try something softer, like a bag of marshmallows or cotton candy.

If you know of any more, feel free to tweet them at us or post them to our Facebook. Meeting new people is one of the great things about university. Want to know another way to meet new people? Yes? Great. On Paperback, when you sell your used textbooks or buy someone else’s, you might meet someone interesting when you meet to make the transaction. They could be a total skeet or a real doll: that’s the fun of it!

Warning: When meeting with a skeet, be careful not to jingle your loonies and toonies. Their senses are based on jingling. 

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