Rising Book Prices are Raising Eyebrows

With a 1041% rise in textbook costs since 1971, there's no wonder people are jumping off the bookstore bandwagon.

Anyone who’s currently in university, or has ever went there, understands just how much of a financial burden buying books can be. A recent article by MSNBC states that textbook prices have risen 1,041% since 1977. And like beer sales at an arena, book stores are selling to a captive market. Or are they?

Our intention at Paperback is to help students break the cycle of buying overpriced books and become, as the article states, “savvier shoppers.” This trend of shopping around and buying used vs. new is affecting many major markets. And with some university textbooks being listed in bookstores for over $400, there’s no wonder students and parents alike are looking for a way to cut costs.

So, if you’re interested in fighting back against rising costs and unnecessary debt, join Paperback and conquer the cover price.

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