Making Friends & Free Listings

Today was the final day for MUN Orientation and we were there representing Paperback and talking to some of you guys about how our app can make your lives easier and your education cheaper. It was great to have a chat and see just how much people are spending on new books and how many people are looking for an alternative. We also got a chance to speak with some professors who really loved the idea behind our application and were eager to share it with their students.

Something else we were sharing was the current offer we have running on our Facebook page. If you head over there now, you can take advantage of 5 free listings! The offer expires Sunday at midnight and is open to everyone. And while you’re there, why not like our Facebook page and keep yourself up to date with everything that we’re up to. For example, the app will soon be in the App Store, so we’ll let you know the second it lands.

Best of luck this semester and we hope Paperback can help you save some money this semester.

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