It Turns Out Your B.A. Isn’t BS

We’re assuming you’ve heard the recent political news; whether it’s people wishing Stephen Harper a not-so-fare farewell, or applauding Canada on electing a total hottie, the internet is abuzz over our latest federal election. And, yes, while a lot of people are happy to see Prime Minister Lego Hair leave office and excited for Justin Trudeau to be in “coiffice” (coiffure + office; it’s a stretch, we know), there’s another current in this ocean of media attention that’s worth noting too.

Our newest Prime Minister has an English degree! (Gasp)

For years, the English degree was the educational equivalent of a stuffed chicken breast at a restaurant: the thing you get because you can’t decide on anything else. But now that our Prime Minister has one, people can no longer say that the degree is useless and won’t get you a proper job, Dad! Plus, Justin also has an Education degree. And in an effort to not abandon the metaphor, the Education degree is kind of like the cheesecake you order after your stuffed chicken breast: it’s a safe bet and pairs pretty well.

So, to all of you downtrodden English majors and listless Education students, hold strong. You may not end up becoming the Prime Minister of Canada (which may have less to do with your education and more to do with your natural disinclination towards politics and lack of political pedigree), but rest assured that there’s a good job out there for you somewhere.

Regardless of what degree you’re doing, you’re going to need books. So, be sure to keep checking Paperback for the books that you need. Plus, if you save enough money you might find yourself in Canada’s middle-class, and, from what we’ve heard, Justin Trudeau has some great plans for those guys!

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