If You Thought Kanye 2020 Was Exciting, Brace Yourself

Remember how we’ve been saying that the app is soon going to be available for download? Well, your prayers and ours have been answered! The app is now live and ready for download! Pretty awesome, huh!?

Awesome indeed, if you’re an Android user. Sorry Apple folks, but the app is still a few days away for you. But it’ll be here soon, we promise. Just try to be as patient as you are when you buy an iPhone and you have to wait a whole 3 months for the new one to come out. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can still buy and sell on our website.

But Android users rejoice! You can now download the app and get started with buying and selling your used textbooks. Just search for Paperback in the Play Store and kickstart your savings for this semester. Don’t forget to spread the news, as well. The more books the merrier!

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