Cozy Campus Corners

As we get deeper into the semester, the hours spent studying and working get longer, eyes become more bloodshot (no, not that kind of bloodshot), and, even though your 8:30 class is for your major, you need only a scrap of an excuse to justify skipping it. But, what if there was a way that you could still be on campus, but also study the inside of your eyelids too? Well, there is, and we’ve compiled them into a list to educate you on the best places to nap before, during, or after your classes.

  • The Arts & Administration Atrium: This might be the oldest building on campus, but it’s a beauty of a spot to rest your peepers.
  • The QEII Library: Most people opt for the library’s quiet study areas, but don’t forget about the cozy chairs on the second floor.
  • The UC: On the 6th floor you can find the Society Rooms. These are out of the way and a prime spot to hunker down.
  • The Metrobus: While the roads might be rough, the bus noisy, and the skeets aplenty, the bus is another popular nap location (plus, there’s free gum under the seats!)

So, if you need to catch a nap or just get away from the noise and busyness of campus life, give one of these spots a try. Beware, though, as you might end up on @MUNnaptime. And, if you have a favourite spot on campus for some quiet time, let us know on our Facebook page (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about it).

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