Change Your Facebook Settings, xoHot_Lips97ox@hotmail.com

Hey guys. We hope that the app and the website is working well for you. We’re getting more and more users everyday, which is really exciting. And not just exciting for us; the more users the app gets, the more books there are, and the better the chances are of you finding the book(s) you need. However, we’ve noticed that a couple of people are asking questions about email notifications from Paperback.

Here’s the thing: email notifications from the app go to the email address that is attached to your Facebook account. Now, some of you are probably using a current email address and you’re getting your notifications just fine. Others of you, however, might still be using an old email address that you made in the 7th grade. So, if you’re still regularly checking cinnamonkisses_gummybear_4eva@hotmail.com or baygirl_butterfly_2002@nf.sympatico.ca, you’re fine. But we’re guessing you’re not, which means that your notifications from Paperback aren’t reaching you.

So, in order to make sure that you’re receiving notifications from both the app and website, you may want to access your Facebook settings and change your email to a more recent one (which doesn’t mean to imply that you’re any less capable of giving cinnamon kisses or that you’re any less of a baygirl butterfly). And to help make this easier, here’s link that’ll show you how to do it. Also, to retrieve any unseen emails, check your Junk or Spam folders. If you haven’t received any, that’s likely where they’ve ended up.

Thanks for all your support and we hope that Paperback is helping you save some money this semester.

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