An ‘Appy New Year Announcement from Paperback

It’s January and we’re sure that you’re having an absolute blast lugging your under-rested carcass out to the first few classes of the semester. It’s that time again for new professors, a fresh syllabus, new classmates, and another brown-nosing loud mouth in each class that’s way too confident in their ill-informed opinions.

Another joy of a new semester is buying yet another metric shit ton of textbooks that cost yet another metric shit ton of money. But fear not, because Paperback is back and better than ever. “But what does that mean?” you might ask as you stumble around the internet during your purely-for-the-credit-hours elective. Well, because you asked, what that means is that Paperback is now in the App Store, as well as the Google Play Store. So rejoice Apple users: your time to shine has come!

Head on over to the App Store, download the app, list the books you don’t need from last semester, and search for the ones you need for this semester.

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